DCW 102R(english)

DCW 102R

50 ‐ 100W, Rugged Dual‐output DC/DC Converter for Railway and other Harsh Environments
DCW 102R Series

• Rugged, field‐proven design

• For train and mobile applications

• Conduction/convection cooled

• Full electronic protection  

• Wide input ranges (EN 50155)

The DCW 102R Series dual‐output, railway quality DC/DC converter uses a field‐proven technology to generate up to 100W continuous power, depending on the input/output configuration. One output is regulated, with the second output tracking. It is a mature design with a track record in numerous applications. Cooling is via base plate to a heat‐sinking surface and by natural convection. The unit is fully ruggedized and conformal coated for immunity to shock, vibration and humidity. Full electronic protection, low component count, large design headrooms, and the use of components with established reliability result in a high MTBF. The unit meets the requirements of EN50155 for electronic equipment used on rolling stock. It is manufactured at our plant under strict quality control.


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